Diablo II: Resurrected Quest Rewards

Diablo II: Resurrected has many great rewards for doing quests. In this guide, we will go over the best quest rewards from the various acts. These rewards, are the most useful and should be completed on all your main characters.

We will go over all the quests from act 1 until act 5, starting with act 1.

Act 1

Act I Quest 1: Den of Evil

Reward: +1 Skill Point, 1 Free Respecialization (reset stat points/skill points).


Act I Quest 5: Tools of the Trade

Reward: imbue an item at Charsi.


Act 2

Act II Quest 1: Radament’s Lair

Reward: +1 Skill Point / 10% Reduction in prices.


Act 3

Act III Quest 1: The Golden Bird (A Jade Figurine)

Reward:+20 health points (permanently).
Note: Can be found in cave in Spider Forest.


Act III Quest 4: Lam Esen’s Tome

Reward: +5 Stat points.


Act 4

Act IV Quest 1: The Fallen Angel

Reward: +2 Skill Points.


Act IV Quest 2: The Hellforge Reward

Reward: 4 gems and 1 randomly chosen rune per difficulty from the range below.

Normal: El – Amn
Nightmare: Sol – Um
Hell: Hel – Gul

Act 5

Act V Quest 1: Siege on Harrogath

Reward: Larzuk will add sockets into an item of your choice.


Act V Quest 3: Prison of Ice

Reward: All Resistances +10 (Scroll of Resistance), rare class-specific item for the class played.


Act V: Quest 4: Betrayal of Harrogath

Reward: Anya will personalize an item for you.


Act V: Quest 5: Rite of Passage

Reward: Big experience boost.

Note: you cannot get credit for this quest unless your character level is at least 20 in Normal, at least 40 in Nightmare and at least 60 on Hell difficulty.

XP Gained
Normal: 1,400,000 (1.4 million)
Nightmare: 20,000,000 (20 million)
Hell: 40,000,000 (40 million)

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