Fortnite Season 7 Week 7 Challenges & Cheat Sheet

In this guide, we will go through all the challenges in Fortnite season 7 week 7 and how to complete the challenges. Please note that the challenges have not been released yet, but as soon as they are we will update this guide.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 7 Challenges

The challenges for week 7 is currently not official, the challenges shown here are rumored/leaked.

Free challenges (RUMORED)

  • Deal 100 Pickaxe damage to opponents (subject to change since  this was a part of week 4)
  • Explosive weapons eliminations (3 eliminations)
  • Eliminate an opponent with
    • Common weapon
    • Uncommon weapon
    • Rare Weapon
    • Epic Weapon
    • Legendary Weapon

Battle Pass Challenges (RUMORED)

  • Shotgun elimination (3 eliminations)
  • Search chests in different named locations (unspecified number, but could be 7)
  • Land at:
    • Stage 1: Shifty Shafts
    • Stage 2: Risky Reels
    • Stage 3: Retail Row
    • Stage 4: Haunted Hills
    • Stage 5: Leaky Lake
  • Place Chillers in Different Matches (Is also subject to change but could stay)


How to complete the challenges – All-inclusive cheat sheet

Coming soon.


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