Apex Legends Scrims & Pro Scrims

Apex Legends has attracted millions of users in the first few weeks of its lifetime. People are already getting serious about the game and the competitive and professional scene is growing.

Esports is, without doubt, going to be a focus from the developers and with that great prize money will likely follow. People are already preparing for this, and thus are starting to participate in scrims, or pro scrims.

Scrims, which is short for a scrimmage, is a skirmish match between competitive players where there can practice against other competitive players before going into real tournaments with prize money.

How to join Apex Legends scrims

Right now, some Discord servers are already offering Apex Legends scrim games. In these servers people queue up for a game at the same time, hoping to get into the same servers. In the future, Apex will hopefully offer custom games, or custom matchmaking, to make it possible to create custom servers for people to join.

Apex Legends Discord servers

If you want to join these servers, we can recommend that you check out this list of Apex Legends Discord servers where you can find teammates (LFG: looking-for-group) or participate in scrim games.

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