Fortnite STW: All Mythic Heroes Team Perks

Team perks can be a very powerful way to enhance your hero loadout in Fortnite Save the World. Team perks become available every time you unlock a new Mythic hero and is currently not listed anywhere in the game. Therefore we have found all the available team perks and compiled it into one list.

Fortnite Save the World Mythic Hero Team Perks

Ninja Mythic Hero Team Perks

HeroTeam PerkDescription
UnknownDim MarkFor each Ninja:

Shadow Stance regenerates 2.7% Shield per second.

DireHunter’s InstinctFor each hero of Epic or higher rarity with at least 4 stars:

Eliminations during Night or Evening grant a 0.24% Damage bonus and a 0.08% Melee Life Leech, up to 40 stacks. These bonuses last until Night ends.

Lynx KassandraBio-Energy SourceFor each hero with 3 or more stars:

Recover Shield equal to 0.25% of Energy lost.

The Cloaked StarRound TripThrowing Stars return to you, dealing damage again on the way back.

Requires 2 Ninjas of Legendary rarity.

Bladestorm EnforcerEndless ShadowFor each Ninja with 3 or more stars:

Increases shadow stance duration per matching hero

Swordmaster KenOne-Two PunchFor each hero with 2 or more stars:

After ability cast, next Heavy Attack costs 20% less

Soldier Mythic Hero Team Perks

HeroTeam PerkDescription
UnknownKeep OutFor each soldier:

Frag Grenades leaves an energized area dealing 12 base Energy Damage per second for 6 seconds. Base Radius is 0.375 tiles and is increased with each match.

WukongSoaring MantisGain 2 extra Mantis Leap jumps.
Quick-Draw CalamityHot SwapWeapon eliminations increase Weapon Damage by 13% for 15 seconds. for a time. Each weapon type can apply 1 stack of this effect.
Master Grenadier RamirezCool CustomerWhile Stay Frosty is active, using an ability will reduce the cooldown of all the remaining abilities by 3 seconds and end Stay Frosty.
RavenPreemptive StrikeFor each hero of Epic or higher rarity with at least 4 stars:

Increase Damage against full health enemies with 6.5%.

CarbideUnderdogFor each hero of Epic or higher rarity:

For each enemy nearby, increase Healing Received by 2.5%.

Constructor Mythic Hero Team Perks

HeroTeam PerkDescription
UnknownRecyclingB.A.S.E generates resources based on affected structures. Higher tier structures generate more resources. Interact with B.A.S.E. to collect.
MEGABASE KyleSupercharged TrapsFor each constructor:

Increase damage of all traps affected by B.A.S.E by 8.5%

Steel Wool SydBoom B.A.S.E.B.A.S.E. will blast music, increasing the damage of allies within 5 tiles by 12% and critical rating by 15.

Outlander Mythic Hero Team Perks

HeroTeam PerkDescription
UnknownLong Arm of the LawAnti-material charge range is increased by 1 tile.

Requires 2 Outlanders.

Subzero ZenithShake it OffDecreased the duration of elemental status effects by 50%.
RagnarokSlow Your RollFreeze melee attackers for 2 seconds, Mist Monsters are slowed by 43%.
Field Agent RioPhase BlasterAfter 5 seconds, your next shot will fire a Phase Pulse that deals 47 base energy damage.
Phase Scout JessShifting GearsFor each outlander of Epic or higher rarity:

Phase Shift has 1 additional charge, but the range is decreased by 0.2 tiles.

We will add more in the future whenever new Mythic heroes get added to the game. If you see a team perk currently not on our list, please post a comment and let us know!