Subnautica Cheats & Console Commands

Subanutica is a great exploration game, but sometimes you just get stuck or you want to debug something. That is why console commands were created for the game. These are often referred to as cheats or cheat codes by many players. Since Subnautica is a single player game, these cheats or “hacks” will not ruin the gaming experience for other players, so do not worry using these commands, they were put in the game by the developers. However, you should not use them if you want to continue earnings archievements, since using commands will disable archievements.

The commands can be used for fun and enjoyment, but also for debugging or testing your graphics card. The full list of commands can be found below.

Subnautica Cheats and Cheat Codes

WARNING – READ BEFORE USING ANY COMMANDS: Be sure to SAVE YOUR GAME before using any of the commands, since using cheats or commands will disable Achievements for that session.

How to use Subnautica cheats and console commands

Before you can start using all the commands below, you will have to enable the developer console.

How to activate the console

  • Press F3 to bring up the developer menu
  • Press F8 to enable you to use your mouse cursor
  • Toggle “Disable Console” off


Enable console in Subnautica

How to type in commands on PC

To bring up the input box to type in the commands, you will need to press one of the following keys, which one depends on your language and keyboard.

  • Enter
  • ~
  • Ø
  • Ö

How to type in commands on Xbox One

To bring up the input box:

 +  + 

Add developer option for easy access to commands without typing:

 +  + 

Subnautica Cheats and Commands

General Commands

[NAME] = Variable, can be an item, object or creature

[#] = Number or value

[x] [y] [z] = Coordinates: x = East & West, y = Altitude, z = North and South

item [NAME] [#]
  • Adds a specified amount of an item to your inventory.
  • Example: item battery 2
    • Will add 2 Battery to your inventory.
clearinventoryDeletes everything in your inventory.
spawn [NAME] [#]
  • Spawns a specified amount of an object in front of you.
  • Example: spawn seamoth
    • Spawns a Seamoth
cure [#]Cures you and all creatures in a specified range of the Kharaa Bacterium.
infect [#]Infects you and all creatures in a specified range with the Kharaa Bacterium.
playerinfection [#]
  • Changes the stage of the Kharaa Bacterium infection (range 1-5).
  • A value of 5 will cure you.
sub cyclopsSpawns the Cyclops in front of you.
sub auroraSpawns the Aurora behind you.
filterwaterCauses every Water Filtration Machine on the map to instantly fabricate a Large Filtered Water.
filtersaltCauses every Water Filtration Machine on the map to instantly fabricate Salt.
vehicleupgradesGives you every common vehicle module.
cyclopsupgradesGives you every Cyclops module.
seamothupgradesGives you every Seamoth module.
exosuitupgradesGives you every Prawn Suit module.
exosuitarmsGives you every Prawn Suit arm.
  • Spawns the following loot: Quartz, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Salt Deposit, Gold and 4x Metal Salvage.
  • Spawns the following tools: Repair Tool, Seaglide, Flare, Transfuser, Propulsion Cannon, Stasis Rifle and attempts to spawn a “BuildBot”.
  • Spawns the following: Survival Knife, Habitat Builder, 3x Battery, 4x Computer Chip, 5x Creepvine Sample, 10x Titanium and 10x Glass.
  • Enables the following commands:
    • fastbuild
    • unlockall
    • nocost
    • fastgrow
    • fasthatch
    • radiation
  • + adds a Habitat Builder, Scanner, Survival Knife and a Repair Tool to your inventory.
resourcesfor [NAME]
  • Provides resources for any specific craftable item.
  • Example: resourcesfor battery
    • Will give you 2 Acid Mushrooms and 1 Copper Ore
ency [NAME]
  • Unlocks a specific database entry.
  • The entry name is case sensitive and requires exact spelling with no spaces.
  • Example: ency crabsnake
    • Will unlock the Crabsnake entry.
  • Example 2: ency all
    • Will give you all of the databank entries, even some not in the normal game yet.
damage [#]Sets damage multiplier to your choice.
instagibToggles instagib mode (instant kill).
invisibleCreatures will ignore you completely.
filterfastReduces the time Water Filtration Machines take to filter.
fastscanReduces the scanning time when using the Scanner.
fastgrowPlantable flora will grow within a few moments when placed in any type of planter.
fasthatchEggs will hatch within a few moments after being placed in an Alien Containment.
  • Allows you to build modules in an instant of a second with the Habitat Builder.
nocostNo cost for building things.

Toggles unlimited, free use of the Fabricator, Habitat Builder, Mobile Vehicle Bay, Vehicle Upgrade Console, and Modification Station whether you have the required the items or not.

noenergyUnlimited energy.

Toggles power usage for all vehicles, tools as well as the Seabases.

  • Disables your Food & Water requirements.
  • Removes sustenance value on items.
  • Only applicable for Survival and Hardcore modes.
oxygenYou do not lose oxygen while underwater. Toggles loss of oxygen when underwater. You will regain oxygen normally.
nitrogenToggles longer underwater time and adds the factor of decompression sickness if not careful.
radiationDisables radiation.
fixleaksFixes the Aurora’s radiation leaks in the generator room.
leakCreates leaks inside every Cyclops on the map.
floodFloods every Cyclops on the map.
damagesubDamages every Cyclops on the map.
destroycyclopsDestroys every Cyclops on the map.
restorecyclopsConverts every Cyclops wreck on the map to a functional (but damaged) state.
vfx cyclopssmokeeffect [#]Generates the Cyclops smoke effect. Can be toggled from values 0 to 1.
bubblesSpawns several air bubbles around you.
seaglideSpawns an unpowered Seaglide in front of you.
dig [#]
  • Removes all terrain around you in a sphere with a diameter of # meters (max value: 100).
  • This command puts very hard strain on the gameplay performance.
  • Unlocks a specific blueprint.
  • Example: unlock solarpanel
    • Unlocks Solar Panels.
  • Locks a specific blueprint.
  • Example: lock solarpanel
    • Locks Solar Panels.
unlockallUnlocks all blueprints.
  • Unlocks all doors in the Aurora and Alien Bases.
  • Does not apply for sealed doors which need to be cut with the Laser Cutter.

Event Commands

countdownshipStarts the countdown for the explosion of the Aurora’s dark matter reactor.
explodeshipStarts the explosion of the Aurora’s dark matter reactor.
restoreshipReturns the Aurora to its original form. Turns on radiation as well.
startsunbeamstoryeventActivates the Sunbeam story event.
sunbeamcountdownstartActivates the Sunbeam countdown.
precursorgunaimPlays the entire Quarantine Enforcement Platform shooting down the Sunbeam event.
playsunbeamfxPlays only the second part of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform shooting down the Sunbeam event.
infectionrevealPlays the animation of the player realizing he is infected with the Kharaa Bacterium.Be warned that triggering this command affects the player’s infection stage to 4.
forcerocketreadyAllows the Neptune Escape Rocket to be launched without disabling the Quarantine Enforcement Platform.

Technical Commands

  • freedom
  • creative
  • survival
  • hardcore
Change the game mode.
daySets the time to day.
nightSets the time to night.
daynightspeed [#]Sets the day/night cycle speed multiplier (default 1). A value of 2 will make the day/night cycle twice as fast. A value of 0.5 will make the day/night cycle 2 times slower.
cinematicsToggles cinematics on/off.
debugsoundToggles sound.
entresetReloads all assets of the game (except for terrain).
gameresetResets the game, including your inventory and position, to when it was last saved.
farplane [#]Changes your viewing distance (default is 1000).
fogToggles fog on/off.
fov [#]Toggles your camera zoom (5-60), 60 is the default. Different types of lens framing such as flip, upside down, telescopic effect and so on, are found in the values from 5 to 500,000.
  • Allows you to freely leave your character and fly around the terrain, even through solid objects. Use the command again to go back to your character (warning: you cannot open menu or inventory while in freecam).
  • To manipulate freecam movement, use shift to accelerate. Pressing the numbers 1-5 also change the speed at which you move using shift.
fpsShows the FPS counter.
nobloomRemoves bloom. Game restart is needed to re-apply.
noshadowsRemoves shadows. Game restart is needed to re-apply.
printbiomeShows on screen what biome you are currently in.
sizerefSpawns the “Wasabi One” diver. Can be used as a size reference. Must be looking at the terrain.
speed [#]Sets the game speed multiplier (default 1). A value of 2 will make gameplay twice as fast. A value of 0.5 will slow gameplay by 50%.
targetToggles target debugging.
schoolfishaiToggles the AI of a Shoal of Fish
vsyncToggles VSync on/off.
vrToggles VR.

Options: None, Stereo, Split, Oculus, Morpheus.

Teleport and Warp commands

biome [NAME]
  • Teleports you to a specific Biome.
  • Example: biome kelp
    • Teleports you to the Kelp Forest.
  • Type biome without a name to see the following list.
  • Biomes:
    • safe (Safe Shallows)
    • kelp (Kelp Forest)
    • kelp_cave (Kelp Forest Caves)
    • grassy (Grassy Plateaus)
    • grassy_cave (Grassy Plateau Caves)
    • mushroom (Mushroom Forest)
    • koosh (Bulb Zone)
    • koosh_cave (Bulb Zone Caves)
    • jellyshroom (Jellyshroom Caves)
    • sparsereef (Sparse Reef)
    • grandreef (Grand Reef)
    • dunes
    • mountains
    • moutains_cave (Mountain Range Caves)
    • deepgrand (Deep Grand Reef)
    • bloodkelp (Blood Kelp Zone)
    • underislands (Underwater Islands)
    • smokers (Grand Reef thermal vents)
    • inactivelavart (Inactive Lava Zone)
    • islands (Floater Islands)
    • tree (Large mushroom tree)
    • lostriver (Lost River)
    • lavazone (Active Lava Zone / Lava Lakes)
warp [x] [y] [z]
  • Warps you to the coordinates of your choice.
  • Example: warp 1 2 3
warpforward [#]
  • Warps you forward by the selected value (in meters)
batch [x] [y] [z]
  • Warps you to the center of a batch of your choice.
  • Batches do not use the same coordinate system as the warp command.
    • x = 12, z = 12 is the centre of the map.
    • y = 18 is sea level.
  • Example: batch 12 18 12
warpmeTeleports you to the Cyclops, a Seabase, or Lifepod 5 depending on which you last entered. Good command if you have gotten stuck.
goto [NAME]
  • Teleports you to a specific location.
    • Example: goto aurora
      • Will teleports you to the ramp leading into the Aurora. Do not use before the Aurora has blown up, otherwise, you will be inside the unexploded Aurora.

List of places:

Warning: Teleporting into the Aurora’s rooms may cause the entities to not load.

  • genroom
    • Teleports you to the Aurora’s generator room.
  • cargoroom
    • Teleports you to the Aurora’s cargo room.
  • exoroom
    • Teleports you to the Aurora’s exosuit room.
  • Degasi Bases
    • base1
      • Teleports you to the Degasi seabase on the Floating Island.
    • base1a
      • Teleports you to one of the mountaintop Seabases on the Floating Island.
    • base1b
      • Teleports you to one of the mountaintop Seabases on the Floating Island.
    • base2
      • Teleports you to the abandoned Seabase in the Jellyshroom Cave.
    • base3
      • Teleports you to the abandoned Seabase in the Deep Grand Reef.
  • Wrecks
    • wreck1
    • wreck2
    • wreck3
    • wreck4
    • wreck5
    • wreck6
    • wreck7
    • wreck8
    • wreck9
    • wreck10
    • wreck11
    • wreck12
    • wreck13
    • wreck14
    • wreck15
    • wreck16
    • wreck17
    • wreck18
    • wreck19
    • wreck20
  • Alien Bases
    • gun (Quarantine Enforcement Platform)
    • gun_inside
    • gunmoonpool
    • gun_Elevator_Enter
    • gun_Elevator_Exit
    • mountainteleporter
    • prison
    • aquarium (the containment for the sea emperor)
    • antechamber
    • lostriverbase (this might spawn you in a wall. Just swim out, the walls are only solid on the textured side).
    • lavacastlebase (Thermal Plant)
    • lavacastlebaseinside
  • Alien Arches
    • mountainteleporter
    • mushroomforestteleporter
    • lostriverteleporter
    • cragfieldteleporter
  • Escape Pods
    • escapepod21 (Lifepod 17)
    • escapepod22 (Lifepod 5)
    • escapepod23 (Lifepod 7)
    • escapepod24 (Lifepod 13)
    • escapepod25 (Lifepod 6)
    • escapepod26 (Lifepod 12)
    • escapepod27 (Lifepod 4)
    • escapepod28 (Lifepod 3)
    • escapepod29 (Lifepod 2)
    • escapepod30 (Lifepod 19)
  • Juvenile Sea Emperors
    • juvenileemperor1 (Northern Blood Kelp Zone)
    • juvenileemperor2 (Crag Field)
    • juvenileemperor3 (Mountains)
    • juvenileemperor4 (Dunes)
    • juvenileemperor5 (Grand Reef)
  • Scatters (Random piles of Aurora debris)
    • scatter31
    • scatter32
    • scatter33
    • scatter34
    • scatter35
    • scatter36
    • scatter37
    • scatter38
    • scatter39
    • scatter40
    • scatter41
    • scatter42
spawnRespawns you a small distance away.
randomstartTeleports you into Lifepod 5 and respawns Lifepod 5 at one of its initial spawn point locations at random.
killRespawns you instantly inside the lifepod. Warning: Do NOT use on Hardcore game setting.

We hope you found this list of commands and cheats useful. If you know of any commands currently NOT on this list, then please leave a comment below so we can add it.