Fortnite Creative – New Leaked Game Mode

A new game mode coming soon to Fortnite has just been leaked. In a video, a content creator shows off the new game mode and what it is capable of. The new mode is called “Creative” or Fortnite Creative Mode. It reminds you of Minecraft, where you are able to build maps in your own world.

Basically, players have the opportunity to create their own world with their own rules. You are able to select buildings, weapons, chests and a lot more to put in your own world. Friends can then join and you can play together in your map. Inside your map, you can play deathmatch, free for all, battle royale and other options. It is a bit like the Playground mode, but with far more options to choose from and way more customizations.

For an in-depth view of the new Sandbox mode, check out this video:

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