Fortnite Discord Servers with Scrims & Snipes

Fortnite is currently investing a lot of money into expanding the competitive Fortnite scene, but so far custom matchmaking keys, private servers or a competitive matchmaking system has yet to be implemented. Therefore players are using alternative ways to practice against other competitive and pro players in so-called scrims or Fortnite pro scrims.

A scrim match, or scrimmage, is a term used for unranked practice games against other competitive minded players. It is a way for competitive and professional players to compete against other players on a higher level than what they would be able to in a public match. Furthermore, it does not involve money like in a tournament setting.

In Fortnite, people can do solo scrims, duo scrims, and squad scrims. When professional players practice against each other, they usually refer to it as Fortnite pro scrims. There are currently only two ways players can do scrims in Fortnite. The first method is by obtaining a custom matchmaking key, and this way enter into a private Fortnite server. The second way is by queuing up for a match at the same time and hoping to get into the same server. The second method is also called a snipe match. Fortnite snipes and scrims are therefore most of the time more or less the same thing. The way people organize to make sure they queue up at the same time are usually in big Discord server made for the purpose. These servers run solo snipes, duo snipes and squad snipes all the time.

On this page, we have made a list of some of the big and new promising Discord servers for doing Fortnite scrims, pro scrims and snipes. You are welcome to leave a comment if you know about a popular Discord server that we should include to our list.

Fortnite Discords for Scrims & Pro Scrims

The list contains Discord servers that host Fortnite scrims and Fortnite snipes. In these server you can participate in solo scrims, duo scrims and squad scrims. Please make sure to read the rules in the individual servers and follow the instructions.

PS Scrims & Snipes | NA PCPCNorth America (NA East, NA West)NoneJoin Discord server
PS Scrims & Snipes | EU PCPCEurope (EU)NoneJoin Discord server
PS Scrims & Snipes | OCE PCPCOceania (OCE)NoneJoin Discord server
PS Scrims & Snipes | ConsoleXbox + PlayStationNorth America (NA), Europe (EU), Oceania (OCE)NoneJoin Discord server
YoGaming DiscordAllAllNoneJoin Discord server
ProSettings DiscordAllAllNoneJoin Discord server

How to join Fortnite scrims

If you never used Discord before, it will take you some minutes to get used to. A Discord server is basically a big chat server with various chat room and voice channels where people can talk.

When you join the server, you sometimes have to select which region you want to play or which platform you are playing. Instructions and commands should be available in the servers.

After you have selected your Discord “roles” you will have access to some additional scrim channels. A scrim is organized this way in almost all Fortnite scrim servers:

  1. The match time is announced in a channel.
    Keep an eye for announcement channels, this is where the matches will be announced.
  2. To participate you have to join a voice channel with everyone else participating. The voice channel is usually mentioned in the announcement.
    Voice channels typically include “Countdown” or “Queue room” in their names. Nobody can talk in these channels, besides the host or admins.
  3. When it is match time, either a person or a robot will do a countdown in the voice channel.
    When the robot or person says go, or play, everyone will press play in-game at the same time. This will usually put a lot of players into the same Fortnite game lobbies.
  4. To check which people are in your server, people usually post the last digits of their server identifier in a channel. This channel is also mentioned in the announcement.
    The server identifier can be found in the top left corner of your screen when you are in-game.
    Example: 1635le913a724cbf8a5b17789b41d58a

We hope this article has helped you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.